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Excellent prospects of organic fertilizer is attracting American investors

Excellent prospects of organic fertilizer is attracting American investors

Report from New York

If say the Chinese food safety problem under the world's attention has its positive effect, it would be make the Chinese green food more reliable, and it would offer an unprecedented opportunity for the Chinese organic fertilizer enterprises establish. Because of this China Green AgriculturalCorporation is getting a lot of attention from investors at the end of its global investment conference, which ends today (December 12).

The three-day global investment conference Rodman&Renshaw attracted more than 500 companies and 1,000 institutional investors from the world. Ex-President Bill Clinton gave the speech at the beginning of the convention.Ying Yang, the chief financial officer of China Green Agriculture Corporation, has made presentations about company and attracted many investors.

China Green Agricultural specializes in the production and sale of liquid fertilizers based on organic humic acid.Compared with the ordinary fertilizer, the natural and pollution-freefertilizer makes it become the first choice in agriculture industry today. The company was established in 2000, and it is the leader in the production scale and automation process of more than 2,000 organic fertilizer enterprises in China. And it is the listed company in U.S.OTC Market since last year.

According to Yang said the recent food safety problems make farmers pay more attention on using organic fertilizer to green products, there are more demands from company products, even there are lot of orders had been paid before delivery in nowadays. The company is planning to add new production lines and enhance the existing production lines, aiming to increase production from the current 10,000 tons to 40, 000 tons in the next three years.

According to the company report there is $8.9 millionnet income, increased 23.5% from previous year and 4.9 million as gross profit, increased 12% from previous year.

Yang said the global financial crisis still impact the company, such as the original plan about listing company in the U.S. at the end of the year have todelayed, but most of the company products are sale in domestic market. China recently published a series of agricultural policies, including a $500 billion set of measures to stimulate the economy announced just now will make a better prospects of organic fertilizer.