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Board of Directors


Board of Directors –China Green Agriculture’s board of directors is currently comprised of seven members: 
1) Zhuoyu “Richard” Li
Mr. Li has served as the President of our company since May 11, 2016. Mr. Li has four years of experience in the agricultural industry. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Li has served as Chief Operating Officer at the Company’s affiliate, Food Co., Ltd. (“”) since January 2016. From January 2015 to January 2016, Mr. Li served as a senior manager at the international department of, where he helped to develop the international market. Richard served as a senior manager at the customer center of from March 2013 through January 2015. He studied business at the University of Auckland in 2012. We believe Mr. Li is a good fit for the position given his background in the agricultural industry, and his practical experience from is a valuable addition to the Company.
2) Jian Huang
Executive Vice President, Director. Mr. Huang has served as a director of our company since August 30, 2021. Mr. Huang is an experienced investor in blockchains and crypto currencies. He was the founder of ChainVC, a digital asset fund focusing on the blockchain industry, and invested in a series of blockchain companies and digital asset funds including BitFund. Mr. Huang received an EMBA degree from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University.
3) Xiaolai Li
Chief Strategy Officer, Director. Mr. Li has served as a director of our company since August 30, 2021. Mr. Li is the founding partner of INBlockchain Inc., a venture capital company based in Beijing, China with a focus on blockchain assets. He has invested in numerous early-stage blockchain projects, including Invictus Capital, Sia, ZCash, Steemit,, and MoibileCoin. Mr. Li has managed multiple digital assets funds, including BitFund from 2013 to 2015. Mr. Li holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting from Changchun University.
4) Shiyu Zhang
Director, Audit Committee Member, Compensation Committee Member and Nominating Committee Member. Mr. Zhang has served as a director of our company since April 8, 2021. Mr. Zhang is a seasoned developer and entrepreneur in the blockchain industry. He had worked at Lino, a startup company that created, a blockchain-powered live streaming platform with 9.6 million monthly active users. In Lino, Mr. Zhang led a team in designing and developing state-of-art blockchain systems. Lino raised over $20 million early investments from established investors including ZhenFund and first-tier crypto venture funds. was acquired by BitTorrent in December 2019. Mr. Zhang holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics with minor in computer science from New York University.
5) Lianfu Liu
Director, Chairman of Nominating Committee, Audit Committee Member and Compensation Committee Member. Mr. Liu has served as a director of our company since December 26, 2007. Mr. Liu has served as the Chairman of the China Green Food Association since 1998. From 1992 to 1998, Mr. Liu was a Director and Senior Engineer for the China Green Food Development Center. Prior to that, Mr. Liu was a Vice Director of the PRC Ministry of Agriculture. Mr. Liu graduated from Beijing Forestry University and studied soil conservation. We believe Mr. Liu’s experience in the agricultural industry in the PRC allows him to bring a unique perspective as an independent director of our company.
6) Daqing Zhu
Director, Chairman of the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee Member and Nominating Committee Member. Mr. Zhu has served as the president of Shaanxi Aisuo Consulting Co. Ltd., a company specializing in providing professional management and finance services, since 2014. In 2004, Mr. Zhu founded Shaanxi Xintianyou Auto Dealership Co. Ltd, a dealership of auto sales and services for various brands, including BYD Auto, and had served as its CEO and Chairman of the Board until 2014. In addition to founding and developing commercial businesses, Mr. Zhu had also worked in the public sector since the 1990s. His public administration experience includes working at various agencies and offices of the Shaanxi provincial government from 1990 to 2004. Earlier in his career, in the 1980’s, Mr. Zhu was a corporate banking officer at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Xi’an. As the corporate leader with responsibility for all aspects of business management, Mr. Zhu has executive level experience in financial management, internal control, marketing to individuals and small businesses, sales, customer care, operations, product management, electronic commerce, financial services, executive compensation, strategic planning, technology, and mergers and acquisitions.
7) Jinjun Lu
Director, Chairman of Compensation Committee, Audit Committee Member and Nominating Committee Member. Mr. Lu, aged 44, is the cofounder of Shaanxi Jinfenghui Technology Co. Ltd (“Jinfenghui”) since he started in 2014 Drawing on years of entrepreneurial experience, Mr. Lu plans to grow Jinfenghui into one of the largest mobile terminal device manufactures in northwestern China. At Jinfenghui, Mr. Lu overseas corporate growth plans, budgets capital expenditures, seeks investment funds, and designs marketing strategies for Jinfenghui Product to penetrate target markets. Before founding Jinfenghui, in 1998 he founded Xinjiang Yongan Engineering Co. Ltd in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, a provincial-level autonomous region of China in the northwest of the country. Earlier in the 1990s, Mr. Lu began his entrepreneurship career as a distributor for Lining-branded garment products in Henan Province, which he grew into the largest wholesale venture for Lining in the region. As a founder of several enterprises and a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Lu not only has executive experience in strategic management, marketing and sales, and technology, but also brings his experience as a founder from different industries.

Committee Composition China Green Agriculture maintains an Audit, Compensation, Nominating and Corporate Governance committee. The four independent directors entirely serve for each committee. Mr. Daqing Zhu serves as the chairperson of the Audit Committee; Mr. Jinjun Lu serves as the chairperson of the Compensation Committee; and Mr. Lianfu Liu serves as the chairperson in the Nominating Committee. Mr. Shiyu Zhang serves as a member to each of the three committees.  


- The Charter of Audit Committee      [PDF Download  

- The Charter of Compensation Committee   [PDF Download  

- The Charter of Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee  [PDF Download  

- The Corporate Governance Guidelines  [PDF Download  

- The Code of Ethics  [PDF Download]