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All of Jinong's major production procedures are controlled by a centralized computer system with access rights management to protect our valuable IP, and the 47,000 sq. meter production facilitys production line is fully automatic. We make sure that content in each product is measured exactly according to recipe by linking the computer server with the electronic weights on each of the material input bins. Moreover, four of the procedures are for testing, in which spectral analysis is periodically used to accurately check composition of materials. The production machinery we use was supplied by a leading medical equipment manufacturer, and the testing equipment is imported from Germany.The total annual production capacity of Jinong's facilities is 55,000 metric tons and their current utilization rate is 40%. On July 2, 2010, Jinong acquired Beijing Gufeng and its subsidiary-Tianjuyuan. Through Gufeng and Tianjuyuan, we operate seven manufacturing facilities comprising 17,930 square meters (192,927 square feet) located in South of Nanzhangdai Village, Donggaocun Town in the Ping Gu District of Beijing. These facilities produce powder based fertilizers and have a total annual production capacity of 300,000 metric tons. The current utilization rate of these facilities is 60%.
Our lean production techniques not only ensure optimal quality standards, but also reduce associated cost, thereby adding more to our bottom line.
In total, Jinong's production facility contains 21 vats, 9 of which have a volume of 8 metric tons (1000 kg), 2 with volumes of 12 metric tons, 8 with volumes of 2 metric tons and 2 with volumes of 1 metric ton.
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