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Product Background

Product Background
Our products are humic acid (HA) organic liquid compound fertilizers, blended fertilizer, organic fertilizers and non-organic fertilizers. Humic Acid, the core raw material used in these products, is derived from weathered coal, which is primarily identified by well-developed “oxidation rims” along boundaries and fissures of coal. HA organic liquid compound fertilizer is made when weathered coal has been processed by extraction, filtering and condensation. The resulting material is then chelated (to combine a metal ion with a chemical compound to form a ring) with inorganic nutrient elements (such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and microelements (such as cuprum, iron, zinc, manganese, boron, and molybdenum) by adding active and catalytic agents.


Cation Exchange
Humic acid exhibits a high cation exchange (a chemical process in which cations of the same charge are exchanged equally between a solid and a solution.) capacity which serves to chelate plant nutrient elements and release them as the plant requires. The chelation process holds the nutrients in the soil solution and prevents leaching and runoff. What is more, humic acids can bind soil toxins along with plant nutrients, thereby strongly stabilizing soils. This means that fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide and water use can be cut by up to a half or more through the regular use of HA organic liquid compound fertilizer. This mechanism is important to environmental protection, since it prevents contamination of water sources caused by runoff.

What is Humic Acid?
Humic acid is one of the major constituents of organic matter in fertile soil, making a vital contribution to the quality of soil’s composition.


When plant or animal matter decomposes, it naturally turns into a form of humic acid-rich material, such as peat, lignite or weathered coal. In nature, this complex organic element, humic acid, improves soil structure and aeration, nutrient absorption, water retention, increases the buffering capacity against fluctuations in pH levels, reduces soil crusting problems, erosion from wind and water and radical toxic pollutants. Humic acid promotes the development of root systems, seed germination, health, resistance to stress, and overall plant development and appearance. No known synthetic material can match humic acid's effectiveness and versatility.

Product Application  

Our products are dark brown to black in color, and mainly used as a foliar fertilizer (a liquid, water soluble fertilizer applied to a plant’s foliage by a fine spray so that the plant can absorb the nutrients through its leaves), or sprayed directly on soil or injected into the irrigation systems.

We have a multi-tiered line of over 400 products, covering the following product categories: Broad Spectrum (general use), Functional (enhance certain characteristics), Tailored (for very specific crops) and blended fertilizers. 

Our products have quickly gained market share and general acceptance due to their high, consistent quality and tailored advantages. We are one of the top producers and suppliers of HA organic liquid compound fertilizers,blended fertilizers, organic fertilizers and non-organic fertilizers in the PRC with an annual production capacity of 355,000 metric tons (1 metric ton=1,000kg).