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Due to our effective R&D management, it takes only three to nine months from product research to mass production, ensuring a constant flow of new products and increasing our overall market share.
Our R&D base-Jintai covers 137,000 square meters, and consists of six intelligent greenhouses, made by ACM-China Greenhouse Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, the China branch of the Spanish leading manufacturer of greenhouse facilities. Another R&D base-Yuxing covers 353,000 square meters with 100 sun-light green houses and 12 intelligent green houses(Of the 12 integlligent green houses, six intelligent green houses are still under construction.) In addition, the facility is equipped with an advanced drip irrigation system supplied by Eldar-Shany Technology Co., Ltd of Israel. Water purification equipment, is supplied by Beijing Nuobaijing Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, a professional supplier of water purification facilities allowing us to perform tests with different pH levels of water.
Advanced equipment and soil-free techniques simulate the natural environment in different areas and control selected factors. As a result, 60%-70% of our experimental work can be done in the greenhouse, thereby speeding up product development, and cutting costs without sacrificing accuracy of results. Moreover, the final products of the greenhouse are sold to high-end supermarkets and airline companies, making our R&D activities profitable.

There are six technicians running and overseeing the R&D base. They have all graduated from agriculture and forestry universities with either Bachelor or Master’s degrees. We also cooperate with the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Science and retain some of their experts in the humic acid fertilizer industry as technical consultants to provide R&D support, quality inspection and staff training.

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