Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

China Green Agriculture,Inc. mainly produces and distributes humic acid based compound fertilizers, blended fertilizers, organic compound fertilizers, mixed organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers, highly-concentrated water soluble fertilizers, mixed organic-inorganic compound fertilizers and agricultural products, such as top-grade fruits, vegetables, flowers and colored seedlings through its wholly owned subsidiaries in China, Shaanxi TechTeam Jinong Humic Acid Product Co., Ltd. ("Jinong"),Beijing Gufeng Chemical Products Co., Ltd. ("Gufeng"), Xi'an Hu County Yuxing Agriculture Technology Development Co., Ltd. ("Yuxing"), Shaanxi Lishijie Agrochemical Co., Ltd.("Lishijie"), Songyuan Jinyangguang Sannong Service Co., Ltd.("Jinyangguang"), Weinan City Linwei District Wangtian Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd.("Wangtian"), and Anhui Fengnong Seed Co. Ltd. (Fengnong). We currently offer over 600 different varieties of fertilizer products targeted for specific growth needs, climate conditions and crop types. R&D activities are conducted in house and manufacturing takes place in our highly automated and computerized production facility. Conveniently located in the central China's Shaanxi and Beijing, we are dedicated to build an efficient distribution network nationwide.China Green Agriculture Fact Sheet

Corporate Responsibility

Good corporate citizenship and respect for the communities in which we operate is central to the way in which we do business. We believe that this philosophy is good for our business and our profits by contributing to the development of a positive corporate culture and increasing internal morale. Responsibility for demonstrating such values rests with divisional management and the human resources department. We employ over 580 full-time employees; however our work force is becoming increasingly geographically diverse.

Attracting, recruiting, retaining and motivating a highly skilled and diverse pool of talent is one of our highest priorities. We recognize that our people are fundamental to our success and go beyond normal working practices to ensure that we have a loyal and dedicated workforce. We aim to attract and retain experienced and knowledgeable individuals by helping them to realize their potential through dedicated training schemes and various incentive plans.

We work to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and strive to create an environment for our employees which minimizes any exposure to short or long term health problems. Employees are encouraged to contribute to the implementation of our health and safety policy.