Investor Presentation

Investor Presentation

China Green Agriculture, Inc. (‘we” or “the Company”) is primarily engaged in the research, development, production and sale of various types of fertilizers and agricultural products in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) through its wholly-owned Chinese subsidiaries, Jinong Shaanxi TechTeamJinongHumic Acid Product Co., Ltd. (“Jinong”), and Beijing Gufeng Chemical Products Co., Ltd., (“Gufeng”), both of which are engaged in fertilizer production. In addition, we operate through variable interest entities (the “VIEs”), including Xi’an Hu County Yuxing Agriculture Technology Development Co., Ltd. (“Yuxing”), engaged in agricultural products production, and another eight VIE companies that we acquired since June 2016. Our primary business is fertilizer products, specifically humic acid-based compound fertilizer produced through Jinong; and compound fertilizer, blended fertilizer, organic compound fertilizer, slow-release fertilizers, highly-concentrated water-soluble fertilizers and mixed organic-inorganic compound fertilizer produced through Gufeng. In addition, through Yuxing, we develop and produce agricultural products, such as top-grade fruits, vegetables, flowers and colored seedlings.


Since June 2016, the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Jinong, entered into strategic acquisition agreements and a series of contractual agreements with the shareholders of the following eight companies that are organized under the laws of the PRC and are deemed as VIEs: Shaanxi Lishijie Agrochemical Co., Ltd., SongyuanJinyangguangSannong Service Co., Ltd., Shenqiu County Zhenbai Agriculture Co., Ltd., Weinan City Linwei District Wangtian Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd., AksuXindeguo Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd., and Xinjiang Xinyulei Eco-agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Sunwu County Xiangrong Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd., and Anhui Fengnong Seed Co., Ltd. (collectively hereafter referred to as “the VIE Companies.”)

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