CGA is allowed to transact

CGA is allowed to transact

The chairman and chief executive of China Green Agriculture, inc. (CGA), Tao Li said on 19th,the company have been listed in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market had got the (Alternext)license for small and medium-sized enterprise's exchange gem from (NYSE) trading group (NYSE Euronext), and company is ready for upcoming transfer trading. 

China Green Agriculture corporation, which mainly produces organic fertilizer, uses weathered coal as raw material, and extracts concentrated Humic Acid (Humic Acid) fertilizer through its own proprietary extraction technology. Humic acid is the traditional main nutrients of "farmyard manure", but compared with the traditional method organic fertilizer, China Green Agriculture company adopts the advanced technology, activated the activity of humic acid, so that the crops can fully absorb the nutrients in the manure period.

Li said that compared with the major western developed countries, Chinese agricultural technology and agricultural infrastructure are relatively weak. According to the pervious statistics, Chinese fertilizer market exceeded 400 billion RMB in last year, which about 100 billion yuan of organic fertilizer, it grows to a better situation.

According to the Chinese stimulus economic plan is main to help ease farmers' burdens and boost infrastructure in rural areas, said by industry officials. Therefore, the enterprises which have advanced technology and good management are expected to catch the opportunity to develop rapidly.

Li said that the reason why list Company in United States is to see the convenient of the U.S. market financing function, although recently the US stock market fell sharply, limiting the enterprise financing ability, but got the permission is also a certainty of the ability of company.